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About Me

My Story

 I have been passionate about childbirth since I was 14. I graduated high school and attended college with the intention to become a nurse midwife. It was quickly clear to me that the role of a care provider at a hospital, bears little resemblance to the care I longed to provide a couple in labor. It was my dream to be able to be fully present one to one with a laboring couple. To provide the intimacy of care that I believe is invaluable. I completed my Associates Degree and stepped out into the working world. My plan was to work and save and pursue a homebirth midwifery license. But my passion for birth was not being fulfilled in the meantime.

It was in 2009 that I discovered the world of doulas. Here was an opportunity to stay connected to my passion while working to save for my future as a midwife. I began working toward certification and attended my first birth in 2010 (the little girl born that day was the flower girl at my wedding). I completed my certification in 2012.

As I worked as a doula, I found myself spending a lot of my time with clients teaching. Helping them navigate the wide world of information to find what was evidence based and important to them. I decided to make it official and pursued certification as a childbirth educator. I completed that certification in 2020. 

I still work full time for a tech company. I work with wonderful, supportive people who know that I attend births and love it.

I take only a few birth doula clients birth per year so I that I can spend my time and energy giving each couple my full attention. I also provide private childbirth education for those looking to learn even if they're not sure if they want a doula present. 

Hear Me on this Podcast

Beth Connor and I sat down and discussed empowering hospital birth. 

You can hear me share my philosophy on birth and choice on episode 49 from 2/27/2024.

Find and subscribe to the Podcast here.


Doulas of North America (DONA)


Certified Birth Doula since 2012

I am also certified in the following doula-specialties:

  • Spinning Babies for pregnancy and birth.

  • TENS Use during labor.

  • Rebozo use prenatally, during labor, and postpartum.

  • Acupressure for postpartum care.

International Childbirth Education Association


Certified Childbirth Educator since 2020

I have also spent time teaching subjects as varied as junior gymnastics and high school sex education. 

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