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It’s hard to know where to begin to convey how incredible Deja is. My husband jokes that she single-handedly saved our marriage in the labor and delivery room.  But in all seriousness, we are so grateful that we hired Deja to accompany us on our pregnancy and childbirth journey - she played an absolutely critical role in making us feel prepared and empowered at every step of the way. 

From our very first conversation with her, we knew we were in good hands. During our prenatal visits, Deja patiently answered all of our questions and broke down the medical science of childbirth in clear and accessible terms. She provided hands-on instruction to illustrate certain exercises I could do to prepare for labor, and she shared several resources with me that were helpful without being too overwhelming. Beyond our prenatal visits, she was always available to answer any questions or concerns I had via text messages or phone calls. Whenever I reached out to her, she would respond within minutes - sometimes even seconds! I really appreciated being able to contact her after visits with my doctor whenever I wanted more clarity about a medical term the doctor had used or a test the doctor had ordered. She was always able to help translate medical jargon and provide additional resources to help me understand my doctor’s advice. With her support, I felt like I had control over all medical decisions being made throughout my pregnancy.

When I had to be admitted for a medical induction and worried that I might not be able to have the childbirth experience I wanted, Deja helped me stay calm and level-headed. She was by my side from the moment she arrived at the hospital (only minutes after I myself was admitted) and stayed with me all the way until I delivered three days later, providing unparalleled emotional, physical, and mental support the whole time. She didn’t take a break once, and yet she never showed any sign that she was tired! Whenever we faced a critical juncture in my labor, she helped translate between the hospital staff and my husband and me, and she gave me the knowledge I needed to make an informed decision about how to proceed. And best of all, under Deja’s care, I was able to enjoy laughter and strength (and even some dancing) during the labor process.

When we saw Deja again during her postnatal visit, it felt like we were reuniting with an old friend. I was so grateful to be able to process the childbirth experience with her (and to receive the beautiful gift of all the photos that she took during my labor and delivery). At a time when I was feeling particularly vulnerable (dealing with the baby blues, running on severe sleep deprivation, and trying to learn how to breastfeed for the first time), Deja helped me work through my emotions and patiently answered questions I still had about what had happened in the labor room. She also gave helpful advice about how to care for our newborn daughter, which was invaluable to my husband and me as first-time parents. Long after her contract period officially ended, Deja has continued to help me process my childbirth experience; in fact, a few months after I delivered, she spoke to me at length when I reached out to her with a postpartum question, so she is still continuing to offer me the gift of her time, knowledge, and kindness.

I cannot recommend Deja enough. If you are considering hiring her to be your doula, don’t think twice. She will transform your pregnancy, labor, and delivery experience!

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