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Puberty and Sex Education

Getting a little help with The Talk

Puberty and teen years are some of the most fraught in our lives. It is so critical that young people enter these transitions with understanding so they can navigate the challenges with confidence. 

State curriculums can vary significantly from one school another and even from one year to another. They are focused on a narrow section of facts, and don't often leave room for questions. And they almost never perfectly align with a family or community's values. 

Over the years I've taught gymnastics and movement to kids aged 1-15, I taught sex education in a public high school to freshmen, and I've helped friends navigate these challenging conversation with their own children. 

Combining my experience teaching children and my experience and expertise in anatomy, physiology, and birth, we can create a personalized puberty or sex education conversation for your family or group.

It is my goal to great a comfortable space that allows for open dialogue between children and their parents and ultimately improves communication and honesty as they grow older. Establishing the parents as a supportive and safe person to talk to as the complications in your children's lives increases with age. 

I also hope to help parents feel more comfortable and confident carrying on these conversations after my class is over. Giving them the words and resources to answer the tough questions. Helping them define their values for their children and how to instill good decision making and boundaries. 

In addition to customizing content, I can customize the timing. From a single, all-day class, to several classes. Whichever suits your needs best.  

I welcome families of all sizes and family groups looking to build community. 

Student Membership

The Details

Prior to the children's class, I will meet with the parents to discuss the details of the curriculum. Together we will design an age-appropriate lesson based on the participants' values and priorities. 

On the day of the children's lesson, parents may stay to observe and participate, or may leave. Participation by parents is important for younger children to feel safe, but may inhibit older children and young teens. I will work with the parents to determine which is best - perhaps a blend. Parents may participate for a portion and leave later allowing for more candid discussion. I will be happy to share the nature of the discussion held in private, but will also take seriously and uphold the confidentiality entrusted in me by your children.

Gay Family


Private and Small Group Education
$200 for 2 hours for up to 3 children. 
$200 per hour for additional hours. 
$20 per additional child. 

I can offer a sliding scale to families facing financial hardship or nonprofit organizations and churches. 

My teaching is based on science and honest communication.
I retain the right to refuse services to individuals and organizations with values in direct contradiction to my own.


If you are interested in learning more about the possibilities of having a guided conversation with your child about puberty and/or sex, please reach out.

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