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Private Childbirth Preparation

 I can bring the childbirth education into your home and customize it to fit your needs, questions, concerns, and personal circumstances.

In addition to customizing content, I can customize the timing. From a single, all-day class, to several evening classes. Whichever suits your needs best.  

You are welcome to invite your entire birth support team to join the class. Partner, doula, grandparents; everyone is invited!

Small Group Childbirth Education

If you would like to make your childbirth education a social event, I am happy to teach you and a small group of your friends or mothers' group. I welcome up to 5 pregnant women and their partners.

A particular passion of mine is the curiosity that surrounds pregnancy and childbirth from non-pregnant people. If you are interested in having me teach childbirth education or host a Q&A session for your group, I would be happy to. This could be a baby shower, a teen group, or just a group of curious friends!


Private and Small Group Childbirth Education

$800 for a complete childbirth preparation course of approximately 10 hours. 

I am available for shorter courses covering more specific content.

3 hour minimum, $50/hour.

Free consultation to discuss expectations and learning objectives and creation of custom class outline and content are both included. 

If you are interested in learning more about the possibilities of having a personalized childbirth preparation class for you or your group, please reach out.

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